Back To A Low Tech Solution


I’m not sure if you can really call it a skin secret, but exfoliation is definitely something that many women forget about – and most men would never dream of doing.

Yet both men and women can greatly benefit from exfoliating regularly. So why wouldn’t they?

I think it’s because it sounds just that little bit too simple. We’ve been trained to look for the complicated or high technology solutions to any problem we have. So simply using a mitten or buffer to gently brighten up and improve skin tone is just sounds too easy. We want chemicals, electronics and salons!

Well, those approaches may get us there quicker (although that is debateable), but the simple at-home approach is probably just as good in the end. It is certainly a lot cheaper, that’s for certain.

So where do you start in your quest to go back to a simpler way?

I’d recommend a mitten, as it’s easier to use than a lot of products. You just slip it over your whole hand and off you go during your shower or bath time. There are lots of products out there worth checking out, and it depends how much you want to spend. At the posh end of the market you might like to have a look at reviews for the Baiden exfoliator mitt. That’s a very nice premium mitten which should last you a good long time. There’s also a review of the Dermasuri mitten here, which is another quality product but at a more modest price level.

You can find something for any budget in your local store. But I’d be a bit wary of spending too little, or you may end up disappointed with the results and put off continuing what can be a very effective skin tonic and treatment.

If you buy a decent product like the ones suggested above, you should get some good instructions on how to get the best from them. But if you want a little extra help there is a decent guide here. It may not cover all types of exfoliation product but it’s a useful overview all the same.