Themeforest themes and how to update

How To Update ThemeForest WordPress Theme

ThemeForest (also known as Envato) is a popular site to buy WordPress themes that are not available in the main WordPress theme directory.

These themes have their own developers so new features and fixes happen just like they do with other WordPress themes. So how do you know about ThemeForest theme updates and how do you update your WordPress site when changes have been made? Let’s find out.

How do I know when an update has been released?

All themes on the ThemeForest/Envato platform have a ‘Last Update’ date on their main sales page (in the right hand column). A lot of theme developers also add a ‘changelog’ towards the bottom of the page which lists the dates and what has been changed in the previous versions. This is great to get an idea of how well maintained a theme is – or if the developer has got bored and stopped updating it! It’s not much use though for knowing when an update has been released, unless you fancy checking the page every day!

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Instead – log in to your Envato account and go to your downloads page here. This should list all the products you have previously bought. The important thing in this page is the check box for “Get notified by email if this item is updated” – make sure that is checked and ThemeForest will send you an email every time the theme is updated.

Now you will know when updates and bug fixes need to be applied.

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How do I update my ThemeForest theme?

This depends. Many modern ThemeForest themes have their own update code built in, so when you’re logged in to your WordPress site it will nag you that theme updates are waiting to be applied. You can then apply them manually (alongside your plugin updates).

If your theme doesn’t provide this option, you can try installing the ‘Envato Market’ plugin and connecting this to your ThemeForest/Envato account (instructions are provided). This should then manage and notify you when updates are available.

The last resort if none of this is working, is to manually download and then upload/overwrite the old theme. You will need to be comfortable using FTP and/or the file manager in your hosting account to be able to do this. You won’t be able to upload this file using WordPress itself as it will simply complain the theme is already installed (even though it’s an older version).

The final step is to then make sure your site is still functioning correctly as theme updates can occasional break things or be incompatible with plugins.