Futuristic Facial Recognition Is Here Now

faceIf you’ve ever wondered about that Hollywood technology you see in the movies that picks out all your beautiful faces from a crowd, just by using fairly low resolution cameras. Wonder no more.

That isn’t just Hollywood at work. It lives and breathes right now in the USA.

And it’s proved so effective that privacy groups have succeeded in getting a federal judge to rule that the database should come under further scrutiny.

The technology, called ‘Next Generation Identification’, is owned by the FBI and has created an enormous database of faces, that could easily include yours. That’s a vast resource of biometric data that has been collected ‘for your protection’, the purposes of which seem to be without much in the way of controls.

And the database isn’t just about scans of your face, there are also fingerprints in there as well as palm prints and scans of eyes.

The FBI Director says it doesn’t keep images of regular citizens, just those who may be wanted for crimes. But of course the database has to collect vast amounts of useless data and keep it long enough to determine that you are innocent of any crimes and should therefore be deleted. It  kind of feels like big brother has paid a visit.

Maybe it’s time to invest in some heavy makeup when you go out in public, to cover up some of those tell-tale features.